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Powder Metallurgy Metal Parts Manufacturer


Sintering process can be used on different field of products. This process can be less expensive and produce large quantity in short period of time. This is the process transform metal powder into physical shape design by customers. Moreover, it is possible to reach the characteristic of forging parts by using powder metallurgy.

Yeh Sheng Powder Parts offers our customer wide range of powder metallurgy parts and in different materials as well. Such as Iron, Stainless Steel, Copper / Bronze, Soft Magnetic Materials. Not only provide manufacturing products, we also offer experience and innovation. Our products applied in Gears, Oil Pump For Inner And Outer Rotors, Shock Absorber Components, Sintered Brake Pad, Other Parts. At Yeh Sheng we like to think outside the box. When we face problems, we try to solve the problem with new approaches and methods.

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